No Means No!


Remember that student that I told you guys about that just loved to interrogate me? You know, the one that likes to get down and dirty to the nitty details.

I went and checked my email inbox today and noticed that I received an email from her. She was freaking out today because she said my profile had disappeared on her. She couldn’t find me to book appointments and then started messaging me asking me if I was going to teach today. I was unpacking my stuff after spending all of yesterday moving so I had no time to tutor. I told her I was taking today off but she insisted that I tutor her tonight. I told her that I was busy but would be free tomorrow. She then started asking me what time I was going to be online. Seems I have a overly eager student who can’t contain her excitement over her online activities or it could just be that I’m ridiculously good looking that she can’t stand not talking to me. I’d like to think it is the latter 🙂

What’s a guy suppose to do? I think things will be interesting tonight when I tutor her…


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