To Catch A Thief


Tonight I was requested by yet another Brazilian student. This gentleman was from the suburbs in the capital of Brazil. He had a really bad internet connection and most of his video feed was very choppy. To make matters worse he had an extremely thick accent and it was really difficult trying to make out what exactly he was saying. He also liked to ramble on and on and on. I would ask him a simple question and he would literally spend 5-10 minutes talking about it without me even having to provide any input into the conversation at all. I wasn’t exactly sure when I should talk to him or not because he just kept on talking. It was as if he was having a conversation with himself.

Why do I always end up with the most bizarre students on Cambly?

He told me he specifically requested me because I’m from Canada and that he visited Canada for two months last year. He said he loved it here in Canada and intends on coming over here in the future either to continue with his studies or to try and get a job. I asked him to compare Toronto to Brazil for me. He told me in Toronto, he could go out at night and come home late and not fear getting robbed or mugged on the street, whereas in Brazil he would have most likely been robbed coming home late at night. He mentioned that he doesn’t leave his house after 11pm because its not safe in Brazil. Apparently guys carry around knifes to rob people over there. Shit, this derails my plans about heading over to Brazil in the future and experiencing the night-life. He told me they specifically target tourist. I asked him “well what can I do to not be seen as a tourist?”. He started to laugh frantically. He said they would immediately know I was a tourist when I spoke English. Guess its time to start learning some Portuguese.

This tutoring session was very weird and strange. It didn’t feel like we had an conversation but rather he just wanted to talk about stuff with me. I think I asked him a total of like 5 questions in our 30 minute session. I felt more like a therapist then an English tutor.

Ever had any bizarre students in the past? Please comment below!


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