The Return of the Interrogator


As of late I’ve been kind of slacking off of tutoring and focusing more of my efforts on my freelance business website so it kind of surprised me today when I received a notification from Cambly that someone had made a reservation with me. Upon further inspection, it was discovered that the student was none other then the interrogator who was one of my last students before Cambly suspended my account. I’m kind of shocked to be honest that she still remembered me and still managed to book a reservation with me after I disappeared for a week. I mean there must have been lots of other tutors she could have went with but she somehow decided to choose me again. I thought I had escaped her clutches but I thought wrong.

So I sign in at our scheduled time and she requests me for our session. I answer her call and she looks pretty hyped up and ready to go. I try to do a little catch up with her at the beginner and then ask her what she would like to do today. She tells me she wants to practice verbs so I’m thinking alright, not too bad. But then within 10-15 minutes into our session she suggest that we switch back to what we did last time. I was thinking “oh no, not again!”. Then the onslaught of questions came. Today’s questions of choice involved asking me about my pets. “Do you have any pets?”, “How many pets do you have?”, “What is the species of your pets?”, so on and so forth. This kept on going on and on until her time ran out. We didn’t even get to say bye because she just kept on asking question after question after question. She even messaged me afterwards and asked me more questions. Jesus Christ!!!

I’m kind of afraid now to even sign up for shifts because I’m worried she might be lurking somewhere in the background.


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