When Students Interrogate


Have you ever had someone that kept asking you question after question after question? Like the energizer bunny that just keeps going on and on and on and you wonder when will this person finally let up.

Well that’s what I experienced tonight. I was lucky enough to have this special student request me specifically during my shift. She hails from Brazil and is studying at a college in the US. She asked if we could work on different expressions that meant the same thing. This particular lesson plan was a lot more difficult then I had anticipated, at least initially. She was a regular paying student and had already worked with various other tutors so I knew she expected top notch quality tutoring from yours truly. I didn’t really know what to teach her because I didn’t want to waste her time asking her the same generic questions that every other tutor asks new students like “what do you do for a living, where do you live, tell me about yourself, etc”.

When she requested that we work on different expressions, my mind was thinking “oh crap” . This forced me to improvise on the spot. I said to her “Let’s play the question game”. You will ask me a question and I will answer the question for you but in various different ways that gives the same meaning. Then I will ask you a question, and you will try to do the same thing. She definitely understood the first part of the game, but somehow completely forgot about the second part. It felt like a 30 minute long interrogation. I don’t think I really found out much about her because she just kept on asking me questions for the whole 30 minutes. It felt like a cross examination at a court room. Some of the questions actually started to make me feel uncomfortable as they were getting kind of personal. She seemed to really enjoy the lesson, maybe a little too much as she had this sly evil grin across her face throughout our session. Maybe she just enjoys toying with tutors on Cambly. Maybe she saw my name and thought “oh look, fresh meat” and that’s why I was requested. Who knows. The only thing I do know though is I’m never going to play the “question game” with any more new students from now on.

At the end of our lesson, I was completely drained. I could barely even walk to the bathroom without slouching over. HOLY SHIT MAN…

With me being a good tutor, I followed up our lesson with a message to her. She eagerly replied back saying she will definitely make a reservation with me and looked forward to our next lesson…

God help me!


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