Do Universities Prepare you for the Real World?



This was the topic discussed today with a new somewhat regular student I had acquired. This Korean gentlemen is currently residing in the states working for an international company. I didn’t really get the chance to ask him what exactly he does for a living though so who knows. I had picked out an article for him to read from Cambly’s database of weekly articles. I chose this particular article because I thought it would be more appropriate for him based on his English competency level. 

The main take away point from the article was that schools are not teaching students crucial life skills such as the ability to sell, which will have detrimental effects on their future once they are out of school. The author from the article suggest that school’s should teach students how to become better at sales, which is universally needed for a lot of things such as selling oneself during a job interview or acquiring freelance work such as the case for journalism majors.

My student and I also agreed with the main points of the article. I deeply believe that our education system in this country is flawed. What we are taught at school does not prepare us for the real world in anyway. I completed a Bcom for my first undergraduate degree and like the author suggested we were taught ZERO sales skills in class. I think it probably would have been more beneficial if the instructors made the students go outside of the classroom and cold approach companies and strangers and try to sell them products or services. There’s nothing quite like the sting of rejection you experience while trying to sell something. It teaches you to grow a thick skin and also come up with more creative ways of closing the deal. Sure it might suck at that moment getting countless rejections but you can bet your ass by the time you graduate that you would have already learnt how to become good at sales. Compare that to having your prof assign you to reading some bullshit chapter from a textbook he wrote because he likes to stroke his own ego.

I think we’ve all been victims of our flawed educational system here that leaves us with a large sum of accumulated student debt and the inability to fend for ourselves when we get out to the real world.

If I knew what I know now, I might not have even ever stepped foot in a university and instead went straight to the workforce or something focusing on developing real skill sets that would ensure I have a good future.


What do you guys think about today’s educational system? Please leave a comment below.


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