Protein Shakes & Abs of Steel


Today my Brazilian single dad student returned for his second lesson. The topic of choice?

  • Protein shakes
  • Exercise (more specifically abs)

Everyone wants abs. Its like some essential skill that’s on every guys and girls list of “must haves”. You see pretty much all of Hollywood’s leading men sporting a six pack like Daniel Craig, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, the list goes on. But no one really understands how difficult it is to get one unless you have a really high metabolism which pretty much lets you eat anything you want without getting fat. Unfortunately I wasn’t blessed with such good genes, in fact most of the people in my family are overweight and obese. The upside of this is that I gain muscle really easily. Like 5-10lbs in only a few months. I have been trying for years now to get the fabled 6 pack but only managed to get a 3 pack so far and that required a lot of dedication and discipline. Nowadays I don’t have any junk food stored in my apartment because I know that if its there, I’m going to pig out. Instead my daily routine involves eating oatmeal, omega-3 eggs, almonds, cucumbers, carrots, and celery, brown rice pretty much everyday. Sounds like an amazing way to enjoy life eh?

My student the Brazilian on the other hand doesn’t have this problem and he mentioned sporting a 4 pack. He said that he desired to gain some muscle and then proceeded to grab a tub of his whey protein powder of choice “Optimum Nutrition”, which he bought for a whopping $140 USD for a 5lb tub lol. He seemed so proud of his purchase until I told him what I was paying for my whey protein powder, a measely $40 CAD. His jaw dropped to the pavement but he still seemed convinced that his protein powder of choice is the superior brand. Hell if I paid $140 USD for my protein shake I would have expected the same thing. Whether or not its the superior brand is another story but I have to hand it those guys at Optimum Nutrition, to be able to charge $140 USD for a 5lb tub of this in a developing country is pretty amazing.

Guess who’s going to apply for a marketing internship at Optimum Nutrition? 🙂

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