How to Lose 20lbs!


Ever Wanted To Have A Beach Body In Time For Summer?

Having Trouble Losing Those Excess Pounds?

Well those were the topics I discussed with my student today. This Saudi Arabian gentleman who is currently living in the USA with his family wanted my expertise on how to lose 20 lbs to look hot and sexy for his wife 😉

He moaned and complained about how hard it was to exercise for 20 minutes using the cardio equipment at the gym. He said he didn’t think he could eat little bit less each day or alter his diet. Well buddy if you keep on doing the same thing your only going to continue to get the same results.

There’s a famous quote by Einstein that goes “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results”

I told him that if he were to cut his calorie intake by 500 calories a day (half of it by exercising and the other half by diet), he would lose 1 lb a week. He told me he wanted to lose 20 lbs so I told him that he can expect to lose 20 lbs in about 5 months time. He rolled his eyes and said that was too long.

Look buddy unless you want to go get liposuction or something your going to have to work hard to lose those 20 lbs. Slow and steady wins the race. Most people who go all out for the first few weeks “new year’s resolutions crowd” end up disappearing a month later. The gyms love having these types of members because essentially they are giving the gym free money. If your unwilling to put in the time and effort into taking care of your body then you deserve what you currently have.

Most people just expect to take a magic weight loss pill or buy one of those bullshit ab exercise belts or devices you see in those informercials without realizing that stuff doesn’t work. Everyone always wants the easy route, hell even I want to take the easy route too, but we must realize that in order to achieve greatness we have to work hard for it using the tried and true methods especially when it comes to exercise. Don’t be a victim and fall for any of that crap you see on TV like bowflex, ab belts, or anything else that promises you a beefy and ripped physique in 6 weeks. It takes years of hard work and dedication to even get anywhere near those results.

Have you guys ever fallen victim to any of these as seen on TV fitness products before or struggled with weight loss?


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