Iron Fist


Today I had a student with a stick up their ass from Saudi Arabia who could barely speak any English demand that I teach him idioms just out of the blue when he couldn’t even understand a simple question I asked him. He then ended our call within 10 seconds of asking me to tell him an idiom while I was trying to think up a really simple one for him to understand. I guess his ego was just too quick on the trigger 🙂

Frankly I think learning idioms is stupid and a waste of time for a beginner who can’t even grasp a basic sentence. If he was expecting world class instruction and learning where the teacher would bend over backwards and kiss his ass, he shouldn’t have been a cheapskate and actually paid a qualified teacher in Saudi Arabia to teach him privately.

Mr.Congeniality has just been awarded a bad misconduct discharge from my roster of students 🙂


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