Worms in the Brain


Tonight I tutored a student from the Dominican Republic who was a doctor. She had a really thick accent and couldn’t speak English too well (like at a advanced beginner level). I thought it was going to be a nightmare due to the communication and background noise. I think she was in the hospital at the time when I took the call. To keep things rivetting, I asked her what was the most interesting case she ever had. She told me it was a baby girl that had 70 worms around her brain. She said that the wound in the baby girl’s head got infected or something due to improper wound care and she had to pull the worms out one by one. We spend a good 10 minutes talking about this particular case which was both compelling and disgusting at the same time.

I also asked her how long are your shifts because I heard doctors who are completing their residency’s work crazy long shifts. She said that they are typically 20 hours each day for 3-4 days straight with a 4 hour break where she can nap. That’s intense! I would also think that its kind of dangerous for patients to have doctors treat them who are half awake most of the time. I asked her how she could stay awake and she told me that she eats candies when operating lol.

This was definitely a unique experience, and she isn’t a typical student that I would have tutored here on Cambly. I doubt I will be tutoring her again anytime soon due to her busy schedule, but this story definitely made my night.

After our lesson ended, I went on google and googled something like worms in the brain and I nearly hurled. I’m staying the hell away from Sushi and raw meats from now on!


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