New to Cambly? Start here!


All right recruits, so you think you got what it takes to teach English online eh?

Many have entered the boot camp, but only a few have graduated. We teach you the skills here to survive out there. Nobody’s going to hold your hand and tell you how special you are. If you think your drill sergeant’s being tough on you, wait until your on the battlefield. It’s going to be a bloodbath out there. You either make it through your first shift with your first few students or you don’t make it at all!

If you still haven’t pissed in your pants by now, then read on…

Cambly. The name is like a big mystery. It just came outta no where one day, taking the world by storm. No one saw it coming and preparations could not have been made. The first wave of students hit hard. The causalities kept on piling on and on. No one knew how to beat the odds against this behemoth. Then one day from the ashes, rose a man. They said he was a survivor from the first wave. He adapted to their methods and came up with his own new set of tactics. As he continued to see victory after victory, his followers cheered and celebrated, for they knew a new hope for mankind had emerged. Our intelligence officers after much sacrifice have gathered the following data on Cambly:

Cambly is an online tutoring company that allows you to teach and have conversations with students from around the world. One minute you could be chatting with someone in Saudi Arabia, and the next someone else in South America. The tools required to enlist in Cambly are a good internet connection, a webcam, the ability to speak English fluently, and lots of enthusiasm and personality (Ok maybe not the last part but it sure helps :))

When you first try to enlist in Cambly, you will be required to record a short introduction video on why Cambly should let you enlist. I kept my introduction video short like 1.5 minutes or something but this is in no way a guideline for how long or short your video should be. After your satisfied with your video, you submit it and wait for it to get approved. It took me about 2 weeks before I got approved. Your mileage may vary.

All right so you’ve been approved, now what?

I would recommend you spend some time now working on your profile. Talk about your teaching experience, teaching certifications, etc. Don’t forget to put a profile picture, and make sure you SMILE in the photo. After your done with that, head on over to the dashboard. This is the main window where you will go to intercept incoming students requesting a tutor. It lists your shifts on the right side if you signed up for any. There’s also a shifts page as well as a reservation page, where you can sign up for shifts and make a reservation schedule.

Well that’s it for now private. What are you doing still sitting here? Get your ass out there and start making a difference!


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