What’s Gone Can Be Replaced

I mentioned previously that my little diligent Korean student had flaked on me, well she did it again 2 hours before our session! I had to cancel other plans I had to tutor her and then she had the nerve to request that I tutor her late that evening which I did, and to add insult to injury she left the chat after about 10 secs. That really got on my nerve and pissed me off. I think next time she tries to make a reservation with me I’m going to cancel it and send her a message saying if she makes a reservation with me she either keeps it or give 24 hours cancellation notice otherwise I won’t be tutoring her any more.

Even though I have been very disappointed with my inability to schedule regular students, my Colombian student keeps on returning back for more. She told me today she was waiting for me to tutor her while I was busy tutoring another student. I think she would make a great regular student if she knew how to make reservations properly. I sent her a link after our session today so hopefully she figures that out. This is one area Cambly definitely needs to step it up and provide some support for their tutors. I’ve taught her like 2-3 times this past week already and she tells me she comes on Cambly everyday so I’ve obviously missed out on tutoring her more.

During our session, She told me that she went to Brazil on vacation recently. She mentioned that people were flying around Jesus the Redeemer and I was thinking “what the hell?” Apparently you can base jump from the statue. There’s a hole that people can climb up and then jump right off plummeting towards their doom. What a fantastic way to meet your maker!




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