Young, Ambitious, and Full of Ideas

Tonight’s feature student was a young man from Saudi Arabia with high hopes and aspirations. He is a computer science major with lots of drive to start his own start-up company in Saudi Arabia focusing on developing mobile apps. We quickly connected because I’m also into entrepreneurship so we spend a good chunk of our 30 minute session talking about different ideas for starting businesses such as teaching in Saudi Arabia. He kept on trying to persuade me about coming over to Saudi Arabia to be an English Teacher. He mentioned that their were a lot of Egyptians teaching English in Saudi Arabia but they wanted people from native English speaking countries.

I’m not too sure how I would feel about living in Saudi Arabia for a year lol. I’d probably melt into a puddle as soon as I stepped out of that plane. Then there’s all those crazy laws you hear about in the news like people’s hands getting chopped off, or people getting thrown into jail for walking on the same sidewalk as the opposite gender. Essentially my whole social life would be non-existent for a year. I’d go crazy just from the boredom or paranoia and fear from being arrested for talking to a girl. They would have to offer me a six figure salary for me to even consider teaching there for a whole year.

Thanks but no thanks!


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