Flaky Students and the return of the Colombian

I woke up this morning to an email from Cambly informing me that my reserved lesson with my little Korean student had been cancelled. What a bummer! I was hoping to really build up my client base of regular students. This could have only meant two things: I was a really shitty instructor that night when I taught her, or she got completely burnt out from studying 5-6 hours each day. I’d like to think it was the second option. I also didn’t have a chance to sign up for any of the shift timeslots that I wanted. All that was left was between the wee hours of 2am-7am or something, so essentially I had nothing for today.

Nonetheless I decided to go onto the Cambly dashboard to await any students looking for tutors. I figured I’m sitting on my ass anyways in the evening reading up on how to launch my business and lead a location independent lifestyle. I might as well just have the website opened just in case someone needed a tutor. Fortunately one of the tutors bailed on their shift so I quickly snatched it up. This ended up being a godsend, as my Colombian student quickly requested me as soon as I picked up the shift. Our little session was kind of interesting. We didn’t cover a lot of topics during her 30 minute lesson, but rather just hovered and talked about 3 topics. Apparently there was a holiday in Colombia recently 😕 My student mentioned she was catching up on some overdue work during her holiday so I thought I would cheer her up by telling her about why CBC’s are called Banana’s. She didn’t get the joke though lol, but she did share with me a similar nickname they give locals from Colombia who get their wallets stolen by thieves when they are distracted. Their called Papayas :p I told her I liked staying a Banana instead of a papaya.

We also talked about robots that look like humans in China. Your probably thinking right now, what the hell is wrong with this guy? His lessons are completely unorthodox and all over the place, but hey It works, because I get repeat customers!

Until next time…


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