Greetings from Brazil and Turkish Australian accent

Today was an interesting day. I met two interesting gentlemen during my shift. The first was a middle aged Brazilian who’s English proficiency was somewhere between advanced beginner to beginner intermediate. He was very eager and determined to improve his English for his career aspirations. The session was about 50 minutes long, but we still plenty of things to talk about if it went to the hour. I received really good feedback from the student even getting a thumbs up from him lol. Now how many rookie tutors do you know that receive thumbs up from their students? He told me he really liked me and enjoyed our conversation and looked forward to chatting again. I see lot’s of potential here for having another regular student.  We talked about his career, the beautiful beaches in Brazil, his family, and of course the Beautiful women in Brazil ;). I mean come on, you can’t have a conversation about Brazil without mentioning the women there. During the second half of our tutoring session, it ended up me trying to give him advice on how to meet and date women in Brazil. Apparently his father was real smooth with the ladies and managed to bag his mother who was around 18 when he was 60 years old! Man I sure could have learned a few things from him haha…

The second gentleman I met was a cool fellow from Turkey. He was a free user so I only had 5 minutes to chat with the fella, but I noticed immediately that he had a British/Irish/Australian accent, which I thought was kind of odd considering that all those countries speak English so their was no reason for him to come on Cambly for tutoring. It turns out that he stayed in Australia for close to 2 years and is married to an Australian which would explain the accent. He mentioned that his wife told him to check out Cambly so he decided to test it out during his break. Although it looks like he won’t be coming back to Cambly as his English is really good, I enjoyed our conversation and meeting interesting people from around the globe. I don’t think you can do that sitting on your ass in some cubicle office job stressing out about being downsized and let go. Screw that!



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