A bone to pick!

There are good students who are serious about learning English and improving their future and then you have the idiots on the other end of the spectrum. Earlier today in my shift I encountered the latter. I click on his username when he is looking for a tutor and then both of our camera’s are on. He can clearly see me and I can see him on the other end. I spend a good 30 seconds or so trying to talk to him and introducing myself, asking him several questions such as his name, if he can hear me, does he have a microphone, etc. He just blatantly stares at the screen with no reaction whatsoever like someone who is going into anaphylactic shock or something. Then all of a sudden he turns his tablet or camera to the side and I see another dude there laughing. Then the call ends. Utter complete waste of both his and my time.

Immediately after this tool ended his call, I receive another idiotic call. I hear two girls just laughing and giggling in the background as I attempt to talk to them. Then they hang up after a minute. This shit goes on for a good 20-30 minutes during my shift with these free users just dicking around and pissing me off more and more each time. I’m sure lots of teachers would be very happy to have such swell students eager to learn English. So much enthusiasm for their studies. Teaching international students isn’t all sunshine and rainbows folks. Definitely not for the faint hearted, and there will be many casualties in the process of you becoming a teaching god!


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