New student acquired

Last night I was beat. I think it was because I wasn’t eating enough. I’ve been so preoccupied as of late that I keep on forgetting to eat. I also made the mistake of scheduling a 4 hour tutoring shift online back to back. I barely had any energy and was ready to crash at any moment. However, I muscled through it and ended up taking 3 calls back to back right about the last hour of my last shift. My first student for that night was none other then my Colombian student from a week ago. She had remembered me! She must have enjoyed our tutoring session. This time around, I tried to create reservation timeslots for my students and suggested that she make a reservation with me. I also sent her a link for making Wonton Noodle soup because we discussed Chinese food and Colombian food during our session. She in return sent me a link to Arepa, some Colombian bread or pastry. Looks delicious! My second student was an Arabic girl from Saudi Arabia. She was a free user though so I wasn’t expecting much. Naturally I was able to use my charm and wit to win her over. She ended up sharing the website online and getting an extra 15 minutes which I further used to try and build a connection with her. She then asked me right before our session ran out of time how she could get more minutes and I told her she had to sign up and that I would send her a message with the subscription page. Before I had the chance to hit send, I received another call. This ended up being an gruelling hour long tutoring session with a little Korean girl from the states. She was a pleasant hard working little girl. Upon further discussion with her, it was discovered that her parents make her study a lot!!! I mean like 5-6 hours a day or something. That’s crazy! I understand that its important to work hard in school so that you get good grades and all, but at what cost? She’s not socializing enough and meeting people to develop those valuable social skills and friendships. This is a problem I see often with Asian parents raising their kids. They only care about school and grades, without any regard for other aspects of personal development such as social skills and street smarts. I also was a victim of this way of thinking by my parents as well.

The first 15 minutes or so was pretty much me trying to find out more information about her so that I could continue our conversation. Since I had already taught several students up to this point, transitioning to different topics at least for the first 15-30 minutes wasn’t very difficult. However at about the 30 minute mark, I was starting to struggle continuing our hour long session because my student wasn’t giving me much to work with. I was getting a lot of I don’t know’s from her. Nonetheless I continued to plough through and luckily finished the session. I quickly followed up with her and sent her a message inviting her to make a reservation with me. Hey man, you got to hustle to make some money!

Any ways, she ended up making another 1hr long tutoring session with me tonight so I guess my plan worked out in the end. Hopefully I can get some more regular students to start building up my client base of students because let’s face it. Sitting on your ass in front of the computer for several hours waiting for students is boring as fuck, and plus I only get paid 15 mins for that hour if I’m not tutoring students. Its not very efficient use of your time.

That’s it for tonight!


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