Farewell Colombia!

  I received some sad news today… For the past few days, I’ve been dreading doing my shift on Cambly just because of the recent series of bad experiences that have been occurring on Cambly, from rude students to students that couldn’t give a shit about learning English. From my experience so far, its not common to get students who … More Farewell Colombia!

How to Lose 20lbs!

  Ever Wanted To Have A Beach Body In Time For Summer? Having Trouble Losing Those Excess Pounds? Well those were the topics I discussed with my student today. This Saudi Arabian gentleman who is currently living in the USA with his family wanted my expertise on how to lose 20 lbs to look hot and sexy … More How to Lose 20lbs!

Iron Fist

  Today I had a student with a stick up their ass from Saudi Arabia who could barely speak any English demand that I teach him idioms just out of the blue when he couldn’t even understand a simple question I asked him. He then ended our call within 10 seconds of asking me to … More Iron Fist

Worms in the Brain

  Tonight I tutored a student from the Dominican Republic who was a doctor. She had a really thick accent and couldn’t speak English too well (like at a advanced beginner level). I thought it was going to be a nightmare due to the communication and background noise. I think she was in the hospital … More Worms in the Brain